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Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000
How To Keep Your Designer Handbags Looking Brand-New!

How To Keep Your Designer Handbags Looking Brand-New!

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Handbags are one of the most important accessories a woman can purchase because they are known to last with proper care. Once you invest in a designer bag, the goal is to protect its appearance and get the most bang for your buck! Keeping your bag in great condition also means that you can potentially sell it in the future if you're looking to get something to replace it with.

1. So fresh and so clean. Avoid putting your handbag on the floor or places where it is subject to dirt and germs. On the flip side, don't overclean because too many chemicals are never a good idea.
2. Stuff your bag. Help your bag keep its shape by stuffing it. We recommend tissue paper or bubble wrap - avoid newspaper!
3. Plastic and vinyl are not your friends. Use a dustbag to store your bag. Many of our items come with them. Plastic and vinyl retain moisture which is a no-no for your purses.
4. Keep 'em in rotation. Spread the love amongst your bag collection. Wearing one bag all the time will cause it to have wear-and-tear faster.
5. Love Handles, the good kind. Don't hang your bags by the handles on doorknobs, no matter how tempting that might be after a long night. This will distort them over time. Keep your purse in a dry, cool place and cross the handles.

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